The Hunt

The hunting season starts officially on the 1ste of February till the 30th of November each year. Our high season is May to September and the low season is February to April and October to November. 

Our high season is the time of year we are usually fully booked first, but it does not necessarily mean that our low season is a bad time frame. February to April is the 3 opening months of the season and you know what that means to a hunter… These months are still part of our summer when one can still experience Namibia in its full summer beauty with all his flowers and green vegetation. October to November is during our spring months and the best time of the year for big game hunting up in the Caprivi region where water levels could be a problem in the wet season. This is the time of the year when all the leaves are on the ground with beautiful blossoms that starts to show and the water levels are at their lowest. This is when the game have to move more often and one can see them a bit easier specially in the bushy areas. If you are a client with a strict budget or you wish to do a little more for alot less, then you might want to consider the low season before it is booked out. 

African Twilight Safaris is not willingly to make any sacrifices when it comes to high quality service and that is why they can guarantee you that you will be part of the only group in camp. Whether you are only one client or 6 in your hunting party, you will have the exclusivity of the whole property all to yourself. 

Most of the hunting is done on their private property where more than 20 huntable game species occur naturally as well as a number of game bird species. The specie list range from the rare Klipspringer on the mountain tops to the greater Kudu down in the river beds. This property is right next to the Namib Naukluft park with no fences on the park border side and is one of the best places worldwide to hunt for species like Klipspringer, Mountain Zebra and large Leopard. On a daily basis you will see herds of Mountain Zebra, Oryx, Springbok and many more. A true hunters paradise where one can get lost in time… 

Most species not on the list, can be added upon request and will be taken from one of the concessions in different areas all over Namibia. 

Each safari is specially adapted to provide choice and variety of hunting methods. These include the use of a 4×4 hunting vehicle to get to the hot spots before starting your final approach on foot. Waiting for game from a blind is also a well proven and effective way to hunt certain species. ATS can guarantee your satisfaction to all their clients, whether you are a first timer or an experienced hunter. 

You can book your hunt either on a 1 on 1 basis or a 2 on 1 basis. 1 On 1 means that each hunter will be accompanied by a professional hunter or guide which will give you the best opportunities on that chosen trophy. 2 On 1 means that you and your friend can enjoy each other’s company while been guided by a professional hunter. 

Bow hunters, you are also more than welcome to experience the real deal. Even though the preferred method is to walk and stalk, ATS also have permanent and mobile blinds you can use for a effective hunting day. Even though Mare loves bow hunting, he have a long archery history and use to shoot competitive for many years. He shot four African Championships and three World Championships of which he was always under the top 10 and took a gold medal in one of the African Championship Competition. 

Comfortable and fully equipped Toyota Land Cruisers will be used to get you around in the harsh Namibian terrain. To back up the hunt, we’ve got well trained trackers and tracking dogs to assist if that shot did not fly that straight and to help with a possibly wounded animal. After the hunt, a team of skilled skinners will ensure that your trophies are well prepared and taken care off.  

Where We Hunt

Once you arrive at the Hosea Kutako International Airport in Namibia, you will be personally welcomed by your Professional Hunter. From here you will have a 30 minute drive in a western direction to Namibia’s capital, Windhoek. It will not take too long for you to experience the friendliness and warmth of the Namibian people and their culture. In Windhoek you can do your last minute shopping if needed, because from here you will take the dirt roads to the wild side of Namibia where shopping malls is replaced by nature’s garden. In about 2 hours drive in a Southwestern direction you will get to the African Twilight Safaris head quarters nested in the Khomas Hochland. This is the escarpment where the Namibian plains meet the oldest desert in the world, the mighty Namib Desert. Most of the hunting will be done on this 57 000 acre privately owned paradise. 

ATS strongly believes in real fair chase hunting where natural free roaming herds roam the country side. That is why they take their clients, as far as possible, to where the animals are and do not bring the animals to where the clients are. For this reason it is a great idea to discuss your trophy wish list with the ATS team well in advance before your arrival in Namibia. Every safari is tailor made and is specially formulated to fit every individual client’s needs and to make the most of every day they spend in the beautiful country of Namibia. The trophies on the wish list that do not occur on ATS’s private property will be taken from their other concessions, which is spread all over the country and the client will have the privilege to hunt more diverse areas of Namibia. 



Added to the hunt, their accommodation facilities consist of three luxury double en suite rooms, which can accommodate up to 6 clients simultaneously. You will be treated to an excellent combination of European and traditional African cuisine. Facilities furthermore consist of a BBQ area, dining room, bar and while enjoying a sundowner, clients can sit at the pool and watch game come to drink at a waterhole or sit at the camp fire where you  can relax with a drink and ponder the fruits of a successful day of hunting. They also provide you with modern day communication technology to keep you in close contact with your love ones. The water at their lodge is tested and of a very high quality and perfectly safe to drink. Electricity will be available 24/7 and will be in the form of 220 volts for you to keep all your equipment charged and make your stay not to be forgotten. Daily laundry services will be available for your convenience. Irma, the host, will certainly make sure you have a very pleasant experience and that your stay at the ATS lodge feels like home. 

A Typically Hunting Safaris Itinerary

To help you plan your hunt better, here is a standard 10 day itinerary of a hunting safari with African Twilight Safaris: 

Standard 10 Day Hunting Safari Itinerary:

Day 1: Arriving in Windhoek at Hosea Kutako International Airport. You will be met by your Professional Hunter and transported to Windhoek where you can buy the last few things needed for your safari if necessary. From Windhoek, it will be a two hour trip to the hunting grounds. You can sight in your rifle and if time permits, you can go for a sundowner drive to get a taste of the area, and maybe the right one might even appear.
Day 2 to Day 9: Hunting from dusk till dawn.
Day10: When we have all the big trophies that we were looking for, we can shoot some guineafowl and rock hyrax.
Day11: We will be leaving for the airport via Windhoek where you can buy some presents and curios to take back home with you.

If you did not have enough of Namibia yet, you can take a photographic safari for more untamed adventures. 


A Typically Hunting Day: 

Your daily hunt will start at about 6:00 am with a knock on your door by your professional hunter. Breakfast will be served to get enough energy for the exiting days hunt. 

It depend on the area you intend to hunt, if you’re going to take some lunch packs along or if you will be back at camp for lunch. At first light you will leave with your PH, driver and tracker in a Toyota Land Cruiser for the hunting grounds in search of that big one. 

The method of hunting depend on the specie you’re after. Most of the time they use the spot and stalk method where you will drive until you found what you were looking for and then follow on foot and try to get into shooting range. Sometimes is a very effective just to drive to a good area and walk until you found what you have been looking for. Every day is a surprise and will be handled differently and accordingly to circumstances. This is fair chase hunting at its best. 

At lunch time you will be either in the shade of a big tree within mother nature or back at the lodge. It is a wise idea to take a siesta or just to stay out of the African sun in the middle of the day. In the afternoon you will go out again hunting until sun set. The best time to go hunting will be in the early morning and late afternoon. Usually you will be rewarded by a prize trophy by die end of the day. 

In the evening you will be back to the lodge where you can take a refreshing shower and get ready for dinner. Dinner will be a three course meal based on a traditional Namibian cosine with a variety of venison. A barbeque is also a good way of ending the day while you and your PH plan the next day’s hunt next to a camp fire with a Namibian beer in your hand. 

Rates and Fees:


Low Season
(February, March, April, October, and November)
High Season
(May to September)
1 Client / 1 Guide 400 480
2 Clients / 1 Guide 250 320
Observers/ non-hunters (per person) 150 170

Value Added Tax of 15% is included in daily rates.
Daily rates are charged per night spent in camp.



Species Fee
Baboon* US$ 100
Black Wildebeest US$ 1450
Blesbok US$ 650
Blue Wildebeest US$ 1100
Caracal US$ 900
Cheetah* US$ 3100
Damara Dik-Dik US$ 2500
Red Hartebees US$ 800
Common Impala US$ 700
Duiker* US$ 350
Eland (Cape) US$ 2400
Gemsbok (Oryx) US$ 780
Giraffe US$ 2600
Jackal* US$ 100
Klipspringer* US$ 1500
Kudu* US$ 1800
Leopard** **
Lechwe POR
Nyala POR
Ostrich US$ 400
Roan POR
Sable POR
Spotted Hyena* US$ 2000
Springbok* US$ 500
Steenbok* US$ 350
Warthog* US$ 520
Zebra (Burchell’s) US$ 1280
Zebra (Hartmann’s)* US$ 950

* Specie available on private land

Any species not on the price list can be added upon special request.

** Leopard Hunting
Leopard hunts will only be done as a package for US$ 26 000, which includes:

• All pre-baiting
• All baiting during the hunt
• 14 hunting days for one hunter
• Tag Fee
• Trophy Fee