About Us

Like all good things in life, African Twilight Safaris started off as a real small hunting business when the current owner, Maré van der Merwe, qualified as a certified Namibian hunting guide and got his first trophy hunters from abroad in 1999. Through the years the company has grown to this premium position with many years of experience. African Twilight Safaris had their first booth at the SCI convention in Reno Nevada in the USA in 2004. 

Today, African Twilight Safaris is one of Namibia’s well known and respected outfitting companies. The company is still owned and operated by die original founding family, Maré and Irma van der Merwe and their 3 beautiful children, Schalk, Thamari and Amaré.

Maré is a qualified Namibian Big Game Professional Hunter and have his license  to guide bow hunters alike. Maré is also a qualified SCI Master Measurer for those who like to enter the SCI record books. 

Ever since ATS, as the company is locally known, was managed by passion and focused on the finest details, to make every client’s experience as memorable and unforgettable as they have dreamed of. Most of the hunting is still done on the original family land that is owned for more than a 100 years by Maré’s family. The property is 57 000 acres in size, which make it one of Namibia’s largest private properties with truly free roaming game on. This is where herds of game still migrate on their century old routes to better pastures like in the good old days. 

ATS also offers tailor made Photographic Safaris to their clients. This is always a great finish to a Namibian safari and to get the last little bit of what Namibia has to offer. This is where you can do anything from shark and tiger fishing to hot air ballooning over the Namib desert at sun rise.  

The philosophy of ATS  was since day one to attend to every single detail and to ensure that all their clients expectations were met completely. Through many years of experience they have realized once again that in order to have the best quality service possible and to give every client all the opportunities he deserves, one have to lower quantity. That is why ATS always only accommodate one group at a time in camp. That gives you, the client, the exclusivity of the whole property and the unmatched African experience you deserve. Maybe that is one of the many reasons why 80% of their clients are returning customers. The highly experienced Professional hunters will ensure a unforgettable hunting experience, while the Non hunting partner will enjoy memorable moments in Namibia. 

ATS also have access to many more hundreds of thousands of acres of the best leased hunting concessions in different areas all over Namibia. 

This is why African Twilight Safaris is unmatched in their field of expertise and will certainly make your dream come true! 

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