Most important is a pair of well broken in, ankle length boots.

Bring a broad rim hat to protect your neck and ears against the sun.

Bring something warm for the evenings and early mornings, especially during our winter (June, July and August). It gets cold at night!

To protect our clients we suggest that they hunt in long pants and long sleeved shirts. Most of our bushes have thorns! Make sure you pack no bright colors – Camouflage, khaki and/or faded blue, green, etc will be the best.

Above all, travel light! We have daily laundry services in all our camps, which means yesterdays clothes will be available tomorrow.


No Visa is required for entry into Namibia. You will need only your passport. No inoculations are required. We advice clients to make sure that their tetanus shots are up to date. Although our hunting concessions are not in malaria prone areas, it is good to take precautions against malaria. We carry first aid equipment, so you do not need to bring any. It will be wise to bring some basic medicine for headaches, colds, flue and stomach ailments. Obviously, should you require special medication, bring that with you. Make sure you have a high factor sun screen lotion with you.


Namibia is one of the most hunter friendly countries in Africa. You are allowed to bring as many rifles as you wish, with an allowance of a maximum of 80 rounds of ammo per rifle. A rifle in 300 magnum range (300 WinMag, 338, etc) will be suitable for any African game up to Eland. You will be required to fill out a Rifle Import/Export Application, which must be handed to the police at the airport. At the bottom of this application form there is a table to be filled out. Some of the questions is a little confusing, this is what they require:

Type Caliber Serial No. Type Caliber Quantity
Rifle 300 WinMag B123456 Rifle 300 WinMag 80
Shotgun 12 Gauge 123456 Shotgun 12 Gauge 80

Select a multi-purpose, expanding bullet. Bullets like Barnes X, Swift A Frame and Trophy bonded are excellent for most African animals.


Power supply is 220 volt. If you will require recharging, make sure you bring an inverter. Bring lots of film and make sure your camera bag is dust proof. Bring plenty of spare batteries.


Not all species are available in all camps. Best is to let us have your wish list and leave the camp decision to us.


When you calculate costs according to our price list, you can rest assured that there will be NO hidden costs. What you see is what you will pay.


• A minimum caliber in the range of 300WinMag is required.
• Calibers smaller than this minimum can be used on certain species, but will not be allowed on larger species such as Kudu, Eland, etc.
• Clients are responsible for the supply of their own ammunition.
• It is recommended that a soft rifle bag, in addition to the rifle case, be brought along for transport between hunting.